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Pushing the envelope

“Pushing the envelope” is a phrase that originated with American test pilots like Chuck Yaeger and John Glenn in the 1940s.  It described max stress situations for the metal skin (“envelope”) of a jet aircraft.  In other words, the plane was designed to fly safely up to a certain speed for a certain distance at […]

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Unlock your power of observation

Look around you.  What do you see?  If you were asked to be a witness at a trial, would you be able to remember details and conditions? One of the qualities of successful people in all walks of life is keen observation of things about them.  They notice things about people, human nature and the […]

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More street-smart ideas for success

  Sometimes the columns that get the biggest reaction are those that offer the simplest advice. A couple weeks ago I wrote about street-smart ideas and was inundated with requests for more. A few readers shared their ideas too. Because I truly believe in the importance of street smarts for success, I’m continuing the list. […]

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Integrity Is All That Matters

In our country, and indeed all over the globe, we are facing so many crises that we hardly know which one to address first. But one issue that is rarely identified as a real crisis, which I believe is at the root of so many of these other problems, is a crisis in integrity.  So […]

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Use Your Energy Level To Stay On The Fast Track

Consider what the average body does every 24 hours:  Your heart beats 100,689 times.  Your blood travels 168 million miles.  You breathe 23,040 times, inhaling 438 cubic feet of air.  You eat more than three pounds of food, and drink about three quarts of liquids.  You lose almost a pound of waste.  You speak 25,000 […]

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Don’t Let Boredom Cramp Your Style

A preacher died and went to heaven where he noticed that a New York cab driver had been awarded a higher place than he. “I don’t understand,” he complained to St. Peter. “I devoted my entire life to my congregation.” St. Peter explained:  “Our policy here in heaven is to reward results.  Now, was your […]

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