Harvey's Best-Selling Books


Harvey's first book was #1 on the New York Times bestseller list for 54 weeks and was named the #1 business book of the year. It's divided into lessons on salesmanship, negotiation, and management. The cornerstone is The “Mackay 66” Question Customer Profile that teaches you how to humanize your selling strategy.

Dig Your Well
Before You're Thirsty

Everything you ever wanted to know about networking is in this book. Harvey says: "If I had to name the single characteristic shared by all the truly successful people I've met over a lifetime, I'd say it is the ability to create and nurture a network of contacts."

The Mackay MBA of
Selling In the Real World

Harvey's most recent New York Times bestseller is chock full of his street-smart wisdom from decades of sales know-how. This book is important for everyone because – whether you realize it or not – we are all in sales. Every day you are selling ideas. You are negotiating. You are communicating, persuading, compromising, and influencing.

We Got Fired!

Harvey's third New York Times #1 bestseller provides gripping interviews with 29 famous Americans who were fired and landed on their feet. Hopeful, tough-minded, and filled with indispensable advice, this book shows readers how to flourish in their careers.

Pushing the Envelope

Harvey provides 90 life lessons from his illustrious business career on becoming more savvy and successful in everything you do. Topics include creativity, determination, dealing with mistakes, negotiations, management, balancing work and family and much more.

Use Your Head to
Get Your Foot in the Door

Harvey offers job search secrets no one else will tell you. He shows you how to be at your best when things are at their worst, offering tips on hard-hitting topics like: dealing with rejection, warning signs that you might be losing your job, acing interviews, and negotiating the job you want, not the job they are offering.

Beware The Naked
Man Who Offers You His Shirt

Harvey's second straight New York Times #1 bestseller offers short courses on getting started in business, working your way up, running the show, long-term sales careers, keeping out of trouble, and people. This book is an entrepreneur's dream.

Getting A Job Is A Job

Learn Harvey's creative techniques to win the job of your dreams. This book is filled with tips for impressing prospective employers. It will also help you earn more, have greater freedom and be happier at work.