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What’s The Best Way To Save Time?

Spend more time on time management. You’re in as good a position to save time as your richest and most powerful competitors. Over a lifetime, it’s incredible how much time you can save, and the advantages you can achieve, while you’re sitting on your duff in your car. For example: 1. Use a cell phone… […]

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You Show Me Yours… I’ll Show You Mine

The most efficient way to expand your network is to trade networks with someone else. How big is your network? If you answered infinite, you’re right. At this writing, you’re limited only by the number of people on this planet. And that’s  if you don’t count pets. I know several veterinarians who have made a […]

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Don’t Get Clocked

We save it. We shave it. But we can’t store it, speed it up, or slow it down. It’s the same for all of us. Time. I learned time management skills at a ripe young age by following my Associated Press correspondent-father around. He lived by deadlines. And aphorisms. “Miss a deadline, miss a headline.” […]

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Your Best People May Spend Their Most Productive time Staring At The Wall

There’s a story making the rounds that a manager who couldn’t use his concert tickets for Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony gave them to his work study management executive–in non-jargon, the efficiency expert–and received the following report after the performance: 1. For considerable periods, the four oboe players had nothing to do. Their number should be reduced […]

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The Wisdom Of Dirty Harry

I’m always amazed when I ask someone who their customers are and they say “everyone.” You can’t log on with that one. “Everyone” equals “no one.” I make and sell envelopes. Everyone uses envelopes. So is everyone my potential customer? No way. The margins in the envelope business are paper thin, so my profitability depends […]

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Creativity Killers

Want to know how to kill creativity? go to a cocktail party. No, I’m not talking about tossing back Bahama Mamas until the only joke you can think of to tell is the latest Doonesburry cartoon. I’m talking about listening. Cocktail parties are all about unwinding, and when people unwind they tell you things. The […]

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The Rule Of Ten Thousand

When you were a kid, you wouldn’t get the pie unless you ate the peas. As we get older, it gets more sophisticated. They don’t threaten to fire you to get a day’s work out of you. But there is a variation of the peas/pie gambit that still gets results. One of the country’s most […]

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