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Knowing Something About Your Customer Is Just as Important as Knowing Everything About Your Product

Take politicians, for example.  A politician will support your proposition only as long as it is politically popular or uncommonly rewarding. That isn’t to say that pols are any less honest or reliable than the rest of us.   it;s just that politicians must shift positions constantly to keep up with the people they are […]

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Get Bored Easily

Professional managers can repeat the same task over and over, but most successful entrepreneurs can’t handle boredom.  The difference in these two familiar types runs so deeply that, if you’re a manager, it’s unlikely you’ll succeed in the role of entrepreneur, just as entrepreneurs tend not to make very good managers. There’s a place in […]

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Speed Kills

The greatest trick in business is to create a breakthrough product category, like the computer. The greatest trick in marketing is to convince people that they actually need it. The computer has three basic strategic values: speed, cost effectiveness, and quality. Three, not one. Three. The problem is, there is too much emphasis on speed. […]

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