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The 10 Commandments of Networking

  1. I will not assume that the person with the credentials is the person with the power. 2. I will not confuse visibility with credibility – mine or anyone else’s. 3. I will avoid being a schnorrer (or a goniff or a nudge, for that matter). 4. I will never say “no” for the […]

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He Who Burns Bridges Better Be A Damn Good Swimmer

Real-estate operators are legendary for slow-pay practices, but I know one who hangs them all out to dry. This gentleman–we’ll call him “Bob”–was the son of a milkman. He made a fortune in the trucking business and wound up owning major-league sports franchises on both coasts. To give you an idea of how nimble he […]

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The Mike Litman Show

I had the pleasure and opportunity to talk with Mike Litman on his radio show about my new book The Mackay MBA of Selling in the Real World. This whole launch process has been a great opportunity to meet and talk to so many impressive and amazing people.  Mike has been working since 1997 to […]

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You Show Me Yours… I’ll Show You Mine

The most efficient way to expand your network is to trade networks with someone else. How big is your network? If you answered infinite, you’re right. At this writing, you’re limited only by the number of people on this planet. And that’s  if you don’t count pets. I know several veterinarians who have made a […]

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Diversify | Best Sales Book | Best Business Book

Don’t build a network that looks just like you. The power is in diversity, , so diversify-starting with age.  When you’re just starting out, the older members of your network are likely to be in much better positions to give you a leg up than your peers. When you get to be a geezer, you […]

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