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Everything (almost) is negotiable

Within the past few years, some of the best-known names in American industry have disappeared down the gaping maws of other companies.  Other seemingly unassailable fortresses have been disassembled, and the parts sold off separately.  Nothing unusual about that. If huge enterprises, some so valuable their assets exceed those of many of the world’s nations, […]

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Calling Mr. Otis

 Lesson 25 “Calling Mr. Otis” You say you’ll not likely be called on to negotiate a treaty to restrict Weapons of Mass Destruction, or handle the company’s real-estate or labor contracts? No matter. You’re still going to find yourself in the midst of a negotiation where your ability to get up and walk away is […]

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Don’t Be Intimidated by a Reputation

Von Clausewitz, the great military strategist, observed that it is the mark of inadequate commanders to fail to seize the initiative because they overestimate the strength of their opponents. For years, General Motors and IBM dominated their industries despite critical deficiencies. The companies that should have been willing to fight them for market share really […]

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He Who Burns Bridges Better Be A Damn Good Swimmer

Real-estate operators are legendary for slow-pay practices, but I know one who hangs them all out to dry. This gentleman–we’ll call him “Bob”–was the son of a milkman. He made a fortune in the trucking business and wound up owning major-league sports franchises on both coasts. To give you an idea of how nimble he […]

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Discover Your Inner Child in Negotiations

We were treated pretty well back when we were in diapers.  We made our wishes known, and the world as we knew it listened.  When we wanted to be fed, we were fed.  No waiting around for the dinner to get done or the waiter to notice us jumping up and down and waiving our […]

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Harvey Mackay’s Negotiation Strategies

The single biggest tool in any negotiation is the ability to get up and walk away from the table without a deal. Never accept any proposal immediately, no matter how good it sounds. Never negotiate with yourself. Once you’ve made an offer, if the other party doesn’t accept it, don’t make another offer. Get a […]

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