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Your Ultimate (Web) Makeover

Google yourself on the web. Put your name in quotation marks. If you have a common name, you may have to add a few other cues, such as company name, city of residence, or alma mater. If the only hit that pops up is a Facebook photo of you in a toga guzzling a yard […]

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On the Web recently, I ran across the reminiscence of a senior citizen about his first job as a shelf stocker at a supermarket. “They told me I would get two weeks paid vacation,” he recalls. “I couldn’t wait to find out where they were going to send me. I wasn’t the brightest crayon in […]

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Graduates Go to School Always

With college graduates scrambling to find jobs – if they haven’t already – I want to remind you that school is never done. If you are smart, you will be “in school” all of your lives. Your real education is just beginning. Here are a couple lessons, which weren’t necessarily covered in school. If you’ve […]

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