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Your Ultimate (Web) Makeover

Google yourself on the web. Put your name in quotation marks. If you have a common name, you may have to add a few other cues, such as company name, city of residence, or alma mater. If the only hit that pops up is a Facebook photo of you in a toga guzzling a yard […]

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Fly Under Fetching Colors

In the May-June 2009 edition of the Conference Board Review, there’s an article with dynamite rating somewhere between TNT and megablast.  The title is “Talent Is Everything” and it’s authored by three senior managers at a Deloitte research subsidiary.  Here are four of the power points made: “Top executives may be asking many of the […]

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Take Pride in Stride

In 2009, Lawrence Summers became President Obama’s chief economic adviser.  His previous roles include a stint as treasury secretary in the Clinton administration and president of Harvard for five years. After Harvard, Mr. Summers was out on the job market in 2006.  You’d think his résumé might have earned him a bye if he were […]

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The Mackay Daily Planner For The Unemployed

So many people looking for jobs think something mystical will occur. The gods will either smile down upon them or not, and there really isn’t much we can do but wait for the phone to ring. They act like Melvin, who went to church every day for years and would kneel down and pray, “Please, […]

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Yours to Lose | Best Business Book

Widgitronics Global Resources is about to staff its marketing director position. You are the leading contender for the job. In fact, you are the proverbial shoo-in. You have eight years’ experience with Widgitronics in consumer affairs. To broaden your exposure to the overall working of the firm, you have just spent eight successful additional years […]

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Landing the Ideal Job

Several years ago, a longtime friend from California called from out of the blue and asked me if I would advise him on getting his dream job, which he was applying for and thought he was a viable candidate.  The post was the athletics directorship at a medium-sized university that wanted to take its athletic […]

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