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Courage is an everyday virtue

Students in a philosophy class were anxiously awaiting the start of their final exam.  The professor had warned them that it would be one of the most challenging tests they would ever take. The teacher wrote one question on the board and said, “This is your exam.  You have one hour to complete it.” One […]

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The Confidence Game

For about six weeks every year, beginning in late December and continuing through early February, football fans get the ultimate fix: the college bowl games, the NFL play-offs and, finally, the Super Bowl. It’s also an annual refresher course in winning and losing that separates the champs from the also-rans. For a moment, consider the […]

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Take a Lesson from My Folks: Never Stop Learning

    If at first you’re afraid to fail, then you won’t ever succeed. One of the greatest things my parents did for me was to encourage every one of my ambitions, even if they appeared to be overreaching. They listened to my dreams of being a golf champ or a basketball pro, cheered them […]

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Believe in Yourself, Even When No One Else Does

Lesson 15 Believe in Yourself, Even When No One Else Does Remember the four-minute mile? People had been trying to achieve it since the days of the ancient Greeks. In fact, folklore has it that the Greeks had lions chase the runners, thinking that would make them run faster. They also tried tiger’s milk—not the […]

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Courage–What Sets You Apart From The Crowd

In his final broadcast as anchor of the CBS Evening News a few years ago Dan Rather paid homage to people around the world who daily struggle with danger, sickness, death, disease, poverty and other challenges. Rather concluded his broadcast with the same memorable ending he used 24 years earlier when he took over from […]

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