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Billy Graham - the best salesperson I ever met || Harvey Mackay

Billy Graham – the best salesperson I ever met

Other ministers told funnier jokes than Billy Graham, did a better job of illustrating Bible passages and organizing sermons, but no one was more effective than Graham in getting people to step forward in front of the congregation and make a commitment.  Translated from evangelism, that is what I call closing the sale.  It’s no […]

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Volunteerism: You often receive more than you give

Years ago, my father sat me down and gave me what was some of the best advice I have ever received.  It had nothing to do with making money but everything to do with getting ahead in the world.  It was self-help advice that really focused on helping others. He told me I would never […]

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More street smart ideas to drive success

A man went to a rabbi and asked, “Rabbi, you’re a wise man, how is it that you’re wise?” The rabbi replied, “Study and hard work.” Then the man asked, “What made you study and work hard?” The rabbi replied, “A lot of experience.” Then the man asked, “And how’d you get a lot of […]

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Failure isn’t fatal

In 1860 a thirty-eight-year old man was working as a handyman for his father, a leather merchant.  He kept books, drove wagons and handled hides for about $66 a month.  Prior to this menial job the man had failed as a soldier, a farmer and a real estate agent.  Most of the people who knew […]

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Holiday recovery: Get back to work with less stress

A lecturer on stress management raised a glass of water and asked, “How heavy is this glass of water?”  Answers from the audience ranged from 20 grams to 500 grams. “The absolute weight doesn’t matter.” replied the lecturer.  ”It depends on how long you try to hold it. “If I hold it for a minute,” […]

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Be a friend to make a friend

Aristotle viewed friendship among the highest virtues.  It was an essential element in a full, virtuous and worthwhile life.  For Aristotle, there were three kinds of friendship: Friendship of pleasure:  Two people are wonderfully happy in each other’s company. Friendship of utility:  Two people assist each other in everyday aspects of life. Friendship of virtue:  […]

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Lessons from Santa

No matter how you celebrate the holidays, or even which holidays you celebrate, chances are you know about Santa Claus.  The jolly old elf brings merriment to the season, but he also teaches us many valuable lessons. Of course, the first is the value of giving.  Aside from milk and cookies, Santa doesn’t get anything […]

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We all have reasons to give thanks

Think that you have little to be thankful for this month?  Haven’t taken time to think about the blessings you have? For starters, you can be grateful that you weren’t one of the pilgrims who broke bread together that first Thanksgiving in 1621.  I clipped these facts from the Arizona Republic years ago, just to […]

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Happy people make other people happy

There is a fable about a little girl who was feeling particularly lonely and blue when she happened across a gorgeous butterfly trapped in the thorns of a blackberry bush.  Taking great care not to tear its fragile wings, the girl’s nimble fingers finally worked the insect free, whereupon, instead of fluttering away, it turned […]

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Be accountable if you want to count

The recent political silly season is over – finally – and once again, I was listening for one particular word in the endless ads that peppered the airwaves:  accountability. It seems like the only time you hear that word is in the context of blaming one’s opponent for lack of it.  I suspect that the […]

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