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Preparation will win the day

I have written seven bestselling business books, and the title of each of them could have been “Prepare to Win.” My publishers never thought that was a catchy enough title to help sell books, particularly business books, so I went with “Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive,” “Beware the Naked Man Who Offers […]

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Without a Goal, You’ll Never Score One | Setting Goals

I once heard a math teacher announce an unusual dream at a school assembly: “I hope you all fail.” he said to an audience of high school seniors eager to go out and conquer the world. “Because if you don’t, you haven’t set your goals high enough.” Getting by without setting goals is the ultimate […]

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Believe in Yourself, Even When No One Else Does

Lesson 15 Believe in Yourself, Even When No One Else Does Remember the four-minute mile? People had been trying to achieve it since the days of the ancient Greeks. In fact, folklore has it that the Greeks had lions chase the runners, thinking that would make them run faster. They also tried tiger’s milk—not the […]

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How To Spot A Winner

Vietnam is wars ago on the American landscape. Nobody associates it with winning, yet it offered one of the best and most perceptive stories about winning I’ve ever heard. It seems General William Westmoreland was once reviewing a platoon of paratroopers in Vietnam. As he went down the line, he asked them a question: “How […]

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