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Never Be Your Own Hatchet Man

Ike had Nixon; George W. Bush has Rumsfeld; every ball club has the manager of the moment.  You have to get someone who can make the tough, mean, unpopular decisions–and can take the fall when they get too tough, mean, and unpopular.  You are the peerless leader. You couldn’t really know what a meanie old […]

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You Know Who, But Does Who Know You?

Remember, the first strong impressions you make on someone else are the ones likely to end up as notes in their Rolodex.® And they’re also the ones that are likely to stay there forever. Obviously, you want to try for impressions that are both distinctive and positive. But never forget how important it is to […]

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It’s Not Your Last Good Idea

I believe that there’s a rational explanation for why new ideas tend to spring up from unrelated sources almost simultaneously.  At any given moment, there are certain widely accepted goals…say, getting rich, or having thin thighs.  With all kinds of people in all kinds of places building on and using the same body of knowledge […]

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Stay Sharp by Predicting the Future

Play this game with yourself: Predict the outcome of events that interest you. The stock market Elections Athletic events Trends Whatever There are three rules to the game.  One, you have to write your predictions down (otherwise, you’ll cheat, you devil).  Two, you also have to write down the reasons for your predictions.  Three, when […]

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Knowing Something About Your Customer Is Just as Important as Knowing Everything About Your Product

Take politicians, for example.  A politician will support your proposition only as long as it is politically popular or uncommonly rewarding. That isn’t to say that pols are any less honest or reliable than the rest of us.   it;s just that politicians must shift positions constantly to keep up with the people they are […]

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