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Stay Sharp by Predicting the Future

Play this game with yourself: Predict the outcome of events that interest you. The stock market Elections Athletic events Trends Whatever There are three rules to the game.  One, you have to write your predictions down (otherwise, you’ll cheat, you devil).  Two, you also have to write down the reasons for your predictions.  Three, when […]

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A Person Who Loses His Temper Usually Loses

Lately it seems like every night when I watch ESPN to get the day’s baseball scores and highlights, I see another pitcher throwing a temper tantrum in the dugout after a poor performance. San Francisco Giants star relief pitcher, Brian Wilson, had one of the more visible meltdowns when he was pulled from a game […]

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If You Want Life’s Best, See That Life Gets Your Best

It all started with an innocent question at a conference where I was speaking.  After I was introduced to one of the organizers, I asked her, “And what do you do for a living?” “Wrong question, Harvey!” she replied.  “It’s what I do for a life that matters!” Her 10-second answer was enlightening:  She loved […]

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Cultivate Creativity To Grow Success

Paul was majoring in zoology at college.  One semester he took a course in the study of birds – ornithology.  For the final exam, Paul studied until he had the textbook nearly memorized.  He knew his class notes backward and forward.  He was eager to take the exam, certain of getting a good grade. The […]

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Being Your Best With Things At Their Worst

If at first you don’t succeed…you’re doing about average.  Rebounding from rejection is an essential skill to acquire, especially in job hunting  Here are three tips for beating rejection: Ten setbacks are the going price for any worthwhile win. If you look at the major league baseball standings at the end of any season, you’ll […]

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