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The Confidence Game

For about six weeks every year, beginning in late December and continuing through early February, football fans get the ultimate fix: the college bowl games, The NFL play-offs and, finally, the Super Bowl. It’s also an annual refresher course in winning and losing that separates the champs from the also-rans. For a moment, consider the […]

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Strive For Excellence

A friend sent me an amusing story about working for the “Average Company,” which she’d read in Simple Tools and thought it was worth passing on. Now I’m doing you the same favor, because if you are getting bored with striving for excellence or settling for just doing a pretty good job, you may want […]

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Setting Clear Job Measurement Standards

Prioritize and specify the results expected. Don’t be trapped by misleading measures. ¬†For example, if your primary responsibility is to reorganize your department in the next three months and not to excel in meeting sales goals, make sure this is clearly spelled out. Clarify the intangibles. Often, people are thrown into situations where they are […]

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