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Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

A few weeks ago I wrote about my 20th anniversary of this column.  This year, I also celebrate another important anniversary – 25 years since I published my first book, “Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive.” “Sharks” is still selling briskly around the world after all this time because the concepts haven’t changed.  […]

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Everything’s negotiable – and here’s how to do it

During the Civil War, President Lincoln was urged by a friend to give up Forts Sumter and Pickens and all government property in the Southern states.  In reply, Lincoln said, “Do you remember the fable of the lion and the woodsman’s daughter?” “Aesop writes that a lion was very much in love with a woodsman’s […]

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Don’t Be Intimidated by a Reputation

Von Clausewitz, the great military strategist, observed that it is the mark of inadequate commanders to fail to seize the initiative because they overestimate the strength of their opponents. For years, General Motors and IBM dominated their industries despite critical deficiencies. The companies that should have been willing to fight them for market share really […]

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He Who Burns Bridges Better Be A Damn Good Swimmer

Real-estate operators are legendary for slow-pay practices, but I know one who hangs them all out to dry. This gentleman–we’ll call him “Bob”–was the son of a milkman. He made a fortune in the trucking business and wound up owning major-league sports franchises on both coasts. To give you an idea of how nimble he […]

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The Single Most Powerful Tool for Winning a Negotiation

Herr Schwan demonstrated that walking away from the table is not just for when you don’t want to deal. Sometimes it’s the only way you can make the deal you want. If you have to have a deal, then all the other side needs to do to win the negotiation is to outwait you. Take […]

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