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Reassessing Leadership For Today’s Bosses

As we enter the long hot summer of politics and read stories daily about corporate strategies, one common theme emerges:  leadership.  And there is seldom agreement about what real leadership looks like or who is best to provide it. Why?  My theory is that too often, people in leadership positions fail to realize that every […]

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Moroccan Kismet: A Gentler Arab Spring

In December 2010, 26-year-old Mohamed Bouazizi set fire to himself.  This street vendor had been rousted and humiliated once again by Tunisian police for hawking apples and pears out of a wheelbarrow.  Bouazizi ignited more than himself.  His death triggered the Arab Spring, a Twitter-driven revolution that engulfed Muslim nations in the Mediterranean in 2011. […]

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Larry King

“Harvey Mackay hits the bull’s-eye. An important book for important times in our lives. The Shark Man at his very best.” – Larry King

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