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9 Motivators To Make Them Want To Return Your Call

1. Scour the individual’s personal, academic, and professional background to identify someone you might know who could have influence with your target. Have your intermediary make an advance call. 2. Find out whom this individual has mentored in the past and see if you know any protégés.  Call your target and ask if he would […]

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Lubricate Gatekeepers to Oil the Gate

Gatekeepers, usually so poised under pressure, have human needs just as the rest of us do.  Generally they are the Type B enablers of Type A driven bosses.  Gatekeepers receive more than their share of annoyance from above. When you are dealing with a gatekeeper, you would do well to remember the following. When you […]

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Landing the Ideal Job

Several years ago, a longtime friend from California called from out of the blue and asked me if I would advise him on getting his dream job, which he was applying for and thought he was a viable candidate.  The post was the athletics directorship at a medium-sized university that wanted to take its athletic […]

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