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Fine Tune Your Job Description Without Being Asked

“Living in fear of loss of job and income,” management guru Peter Drucker once wrote, “is incompatible with taking responsibility for job and work group, for output and performance.” When Drucker wrote this he was chiefly talking about the safety nets of unemployment compensation and severance pay, but also added: “Wherever a business has provided real […]

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Herculean Labors To Keep You On The Payroll

Make yourself indispensable. There are as many ways to make yourself indispensable as there are reasons for your boss to curyou loose.  It pays to whip up the glue that will help you stick around.  Does your sales manager beef that no one is a team player?  Hand off the ball every chance you get and […]

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The Continuity Of Contrarians | Best Business Book

You’re smart, or they wouldn’t have hired you.  You’ve read the tea leaves about job and career changes, and you know how frequently they happen.  The head-office people figure you’re probably good for five years.  Then you’ll either bolt…or could be they’ll stretch you out on the chopping block during the next downsizing “harvest.” Almost […]

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