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How do you get better at your job?

When I am hired to speak to a company or association, I typically talk ahead of time to six to eight people who will be in the audience to get a better sense of the group.  I ask them a series of questions about creative selling, teamwork, negotiations, how they get close to their customers […]

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How To Spend Your First Day In The Job Market Part:2

This is the second half of my suggestions for how you should spend your first day or days in the job market.  It is more difficult than ever for people, especially young people, to get a job or even find a job.  Follow these tips and you will at least start out on the right […]

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Lubricate Gatekeepers to Oil the Gate

Gatekeepers, usually so poised under pressure, have human needs just as the rest of us do.  Generally they are the Type B enablers of Type A driven bosses.  Gatekeepers receive more than their share of annoyance from above. When you are dealing with a gatekeeper, you would do well to remember the following. When you […]

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On the Web recently, I ran across the reminiscence of a senior citizen about his first job as a shelf stocker at a supermarket. “They told me I would get two weeks paid vacation,” he recalls. “I couldn’t wait to find out where they were going to send me. I wasn’t the brightest crayon in […]

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