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Motivators To Make Them Want To Return Your Call

1. Scour the individual’s personal, academic, and professional background to identify someone you might know who could have influence with your target. Have your intermediary make an advance call. 2. Find out whom this individual has mentored in the past and see if you know any proteges. Call your target and ask if he would […]

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Job Hunting Is A Contact Sport

When Britannia ruled the waves, the British used to send battleships steaming up and down harbors of lesser powers as a way of ensuring that their opinions would be respected.  It was called “showing the flag.”  Usually, it spared the British the troubl e of kicking sand in the little guy’s face. Making others aware […]

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Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Find Me A Job!

The advent of social networking suddenly made it possible for people to reach thousands and in some case millions of contacts to fulfill very specific personal needs for products, relationships, and -most of all-jobs.  This is a brand-new marketplace.  How do you manage it to get the best results? To be sure, job seekers have […]

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Job Hunt Got You Down? | Best Business Book

The average person will have at least three career changes and ten different jobs by age thirty-eight. In this era of downsizing and outsourcing, you can never be sure your job will still exist in five years- or five weeks. So you’d better think of your career as a perpetual job search. That demands a […]

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