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Speed-Reading Reception Areas | Best Sales Book

In February 2009, Mary Printz passed away at the age of eighty-five. She was an answering service switchboard operator in Manhattan. Some of the calls she fielded may have been long-distance, but they were always strait from the heart. She became the confidante and communications nerve center to a host of Hollywood and Broadway celebrities. […]

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Yours to Lose | Best Business Book

Widgitronics Global Resources is about to staff its marketing director position. You are the leading contender for the job. In fact, you are the proverbial shoo-in. You have eight years’ experience with Widgitronics in consumer affairs. To broaden your exposure to the overall working of the firm, you have just spent eight successful additional years […]

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Lubricate Gatekeepers to Oil the Gate

Gatekeepers, usually so poised under pressure, have human needs just as the rest of us do.  Generally they are the Type B enablers of Type A driven bosses.  Gatekeepers receive more than their share of annoyance from above. When you are dealing with a gatekeeper, you would do well to remember the following. When you […]

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Gone To Potter

If you go out of your way to get yourself fired, do it to build a bridge to your next career.  According to, J.K. Rowling was a “former secretary who was once fired for writing short stories at her computer and used her severance pay to help finance the first Harry Potter” book.  Rowling […]

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Landing the Ideal Job

Several years ago, a longtime friend from California called from out of the blue and asked me if I would advise him on getting his dream job, which he was applying for and thought he was a viable candidate.  The post was the athletics directorship at a medium-sized university that wanted to take its athletic […]

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Rebirth Certificate | Best Sales Book

A computer software expert is a software expert.  Not exactly.  There is, for example, a Certified Associate in Software Testing offered by the Quality Assurance Institute or a Foundation Level Certified Tester accredited under the Auspices of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board.  There are all kinds of certified software experts. Responding to a column on […]

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