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Peers And Partners

Learn who your silent evaluators are. Find out quickly which internal candidates were passed over in choosing you for the job you have just gotten.  These are not necessarily rivals ready to help you fail.  Remember, they know the ropes and have far more internal knowledge of the organization than you do.  If they have […]

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The Continuity Of Contrarians | Best Business Book

You’re smart, or they wouldn’t have hired you.  You’ve read the tea leaves about job and career changes, and you know how frequently they happen.  The head-office people figure you’re probably good for five years.  Then you’ll either bolt…or could be they’ll stretch you out on the chopping block during the next downsizing “harvest.” Almost […]

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Should You Go Under The Knife After You Get The Ax?

A 2009 article in the Chicago Tribune says, “People who lost stable jobs in 1982 suffered from an immediate 30 percent drop in their earnings, according to Social Security and other government records.  As a group, they never recovered…A decade later, their earnings were down 20 percent compared with workers with similar profiles who avoided […]

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Crying Societies or Support Groups?

Losing a job is traumatic, especially if it’s your first time through the meat slicer… and if your financial situation is already a tightrope walk.  Because the job-loss experience sabotages confidence, a support group can be made to order to rebuild self-confidence.  Internet support groups have both convenience advantages and privacy risks, which I’ll describe […]

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