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Let Your Imagination Fuel Your Success

Take a close look at the back of a dollar bill.  On the left side is a pyramid, with an eye at the top.  Over the pyramid is the Latin inscription “annuit coeptis.”  It means:  “Providence has Favored Our Undertakings.” The pyramid symbolizes the strength of the union of the states.  The top of the […]

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Fantasy Sparks Reality

A mother once asked Albert Einstein how to raise a child to become a genius. Einstein advised her to read fairy tales to the child. “And after that?” the mother asked. “Read the child more fairy tales,” Einstein replied, adding that what a scientist needs most is a curious imagination. Imagination is important not only […]

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Inching Ahead Your Goal Line

Great goals make you stretch, not snap. You must stay focused on your goals above all else. Truly dedicated individuals won’t let anything interfere with attaining their goals. that’s why so few people become champions. It’s not easy. The late Red Auerback, famed Boston Celtics coach, was one of the most successful basketball coaches in […]

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Imagination: There’s Just No Substitute

Creativity certainly helps in finding jobs. I say, don’t be boring. Don’t be predictable. Don’t be just another candidate. Stand out. Be Different. Use a little creativity. Here are some examples of people who used creativity to land a job: A person who had been out of work for four months saw an ad for […]

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