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A sense of humor is no joke

There is an Apache legend that the creator gave human beings the ability to talk and to run, and to look at things.  But in addition, the legend says he was not satisfied until he also gave them the ability to laugh.  After giving humans the ability to laugh, the creator said, “Now you are […]

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A great sense of humor makes great sense

We’ve all heard that “laughter is the best medicine.”  It makes people happy and links us together.  Humor and laughter strengthen our immune system, boost our energy by destroying boredom and keep stress at bay. Humor is equally beneficial at work, as it increases creativity, enhances communications, builds morale and minimizes workplace conflicts and tension.  […]

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Keep your funny side up

Life is funny – or at least, I think it should be. Finding humor in everyday things is a gift.  Our very serious world can be depressing and overwhelming.  Problems at work can seem insurmountable.  Your car is making a disturbing noise, and the kids’ school just called to let you know your daughter, who […]

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Take Your Work Seriously, Don’t Take Yourself Seriously

“Dilbert,” which is carried in 1,100 newspapers, has helped us laugh at the crazy dynamics of the workplace. Now if we could only start laughing at ourselves. The late and much beloved chief executive of Coca-Cola, Roberto Goizueta, had the ability. He could distance himself from a situation, and by standing back and observing things […]

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