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So You Aren’t Johnny Depp…

Do you lack the dazzle of Angelina Jolie’s lagoon-blue eyes or the regal command of Meryl Streep’s screen poise? Come up short on George Clooney’s suave or Daniel Craig’s rippling abs? Well, you don’t have to rate first billing to be billing first.Call attention to your strengths, recognize where you fit in the team, and […]

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Hubris the Humorless

In ancient Greece, Alcibiades was telling Pericles how Athens should be governed. Annoyed by the young man’s tone, Pericles said, “Son, when I was your age, I talked just the way you are talking.” Alcibiades looked Pericles in the face and replied, “How I should like to have known you when you were at your […]

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