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Agreements Prevent Disagreements

Every now and then you’ll find yourself dealing with one of those country cousin types who says he doesn’t want a contract and “your word is good enough.” Maybe yours is, but his usually isn’t. One of those arrangements taught me a lesson I’ll never forget.  I had a handshake deal with a man I […]

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The Time For The Renaissance Man Was The Renaissance

The success of the Billy graham initiative is a reflection of the relationship of two extraordinary partners who built the organization.  Each had unique talents.  Billy Graham himself was the quintessential Mr. Outside. He embodied the image of the organization both to the outside world and to the people who work at BG.  His character, […]

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It’s Not Your Last Good Idea

I believe that there’s a rational explanation for why new ideas tend to spring up from unrelated sources almost simultaneously.  At any given moment, there are certain widely accepted goals…say, getting rich, or having thin thighs.  With all kinds of people in all kinds of places building on and using the same body of knowledge […]

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Knowing Something About Your Customer Is Just as Important as Knowing Everything About Your Product

Take politicians, for example.  A politician will support your proposition only as long as it is politically popular or uncommonly rewarding. That isn’t to say that pols are any less honest or reliable than the rest of us.   it;s just that politicians must shift positions constantly to keep up with the people they are […]

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Get Bored Easily

Professional managers can repeat the same task over and over, but most successful entrepreneurs can’t handle boredom.  The difference in these two familiar types runs so deeply that, if you’re a manager, it’s unlikely you’ll succeed in the role of entrepreneur, just as entrepreneurs tend not to make very good managers. There’s a place in […]

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Follow The Fleet

MY FIRST REAL JOB, AFTER I ESCAPED FROM PUSHING a broom–which was the core of the curriculum at the Quality Park Envelope Company’s lEarn-the-Business-from-the-Ground (actually, the Floor)-Up Sales Training Program–was junior salesman.  I was twenty-one.  To me, an envelope was something you used when you didn’t wand your girlfriend’s parents to read the letter.  Most […]

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