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Find happiness in your New Year

For many, the New Year is a chance for a new beginning, perhaps best represented by the baby and the old man, symbols of the new and old years since the time of the ancient Greeks. The fresh-faced cherub connotes so much promise.  But so often, a few weeks into the new calendar, the good […]

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You really can buy happiness

  We’ve all heard the old adage that you can’t buy happiness.  Well, it turns out that’s not exactly true.  You actually can buy happiness – when you spend your money or your time on others. Does that come as a surprise to anyone?  It’s true for individuals and companies alike.  Corporations and organizations often […]

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Happiness breeds success

  What makes me happy? It’s a question we all should ask ourselves periodically, since all of our actions should, in some way, be directed toward achieving happiness. Initially, thoughts of riches beyond imagination may fill your mind. Or your thoughts may center on the car/house/job of your dreams. But if you are honest, you […]

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