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Now That It’s February, Happy New Year

  If you ask the attendant at your health club what the busiest day of the year is, he’ll tell you it’s the day after New Year’s. That’s when all the New Year’s—resolution types pour in. By February only a handful are left. Now that New Year’s Day is well over, tell me, how many […]

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It’s More Fun When It’s Spontaneous

Lesson 45: It’s More Fun When It’s Spontaneous No, I’m not talking about sex again, though the same principle applies. Have you ever noticed a certain lack of enthusiasm for what passes for fun of the usual corporate variety? You don’t have to wait until the calendar tells you it’s time for the Christmas party […]

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If You Don’t Have A Destination, You’ll Never Get There

Setting goals is simply the long-term version of keeping track of your time. Actually, a three-step process is involved: Setting goals Developing a plan to achieve those goals Keeping track of your time to make sure your plan gets executed When I was in Japan in 1983, we had a series of seminars in which […]

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