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Comeback Kids Don’t Kid Around

  The great jazz vocalist Billie Holiday used to quip, “I’m always making a comeback, but nobody ever tells me where I’ve been.” Today celebrities have a tougher time coming back. That’s especially true when they’re rebounding from scuffles with the law. People may forget, but the Internet has one heck of a memory. Blemishes […]

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It’s More Fun When It’s Spontaneous

Lesson 45: It’s More Fun When It’s Spontaneous No, I’m not talking about sex again, though the same principle applies. Have you ever noticed a certain lack of enthusiasm for what passes for fun of the usual corporate variety? You don’t have to wait until the calendar tells you it’s time for the Christmas party […]

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Successful People Who Were Let Go

Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper for lack of ideas. According to Fortune Small Business, David Neeleman was fired by Southwest Airlines with a non-compete clause so tough it nearly  pushed him into starting up family dental clinics.  Today the Jet Blue Airlines he founded is among the most successful and innovative new-wave carriers […]

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