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Adversity is the springboard to great achievement

To understand adversity, take two acorns from the same tree, as nearly alike as possible – and plant them in two separate locations.  Plant one on a hill by itself and the other in a dense forest.  The oak standing alone is exposed to every storm.  Its roots grow deep in every direction, grasping every […]

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Without a Goal, You’ll Never Score One | Setting Goals

I once heard a math teacher announce an unusual dream at a school assembly: “I hope you all fail.” he said to an audience of high school seniors eager to go out and conquer the world. “Because if you don’t, you haven’t set your goals high enough.” Getting by without setting goals is the ultimate […]

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Myths of the Marketplace

  1.       We don’t have any competition. This is the attitude that practically sank IBM, General Motors, Schwinn bikes, and every other company that thought they could disregard and/or abuse their customers endlessly because their products were unique and indispensable. Surprise! They weren’t. Every business, every individual, has competition. The more you act like you […]

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There’s No Education Like Adversity

Life is not a steady ascent. It doesn’t go straight up… a lot of lumps and a lot of bumps… a lot of throttling up and a lot of throttling down. I have never yet met a single successful person who has not had to overcome a little or a lot of adversity in his […]

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