Stop procrastinating before it stops you | Harvey Mackay

Stop procrastinating before it stops you

Procrastination is a thief.  It robs you of the one commodity that you just can’t buy back:  time.  It throws off schedules.  It replaces accomplishment with inaction.  It turns dreams into nightmares. When faced with a task that you just don’t want to do, many of us simply put it off until tomorrow.  That’s why […]

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Parents take on the hardest job | Harvey Mackay

Parents take on the hardest job

The Boy Scouts were at camp.  In an inspection, the director found an umbrella neatly rolled inside the bedroll of a small Scout.  An umbrella was not listed as a necessary item, so the director asked the boy to explain. “Sir,” answered the young man with a weary sigh, “did you ever have a mother?” […]

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The best lessons are short

The best lessons are short, sweet and useful

Readers of this column are remarkable when it comes to telling me what they like most about my weekly musings.  Of course, I’m honored when they tell me they have posted my words on company bulletin boards or used the lessons as motivation. But without question, the most frequent feedback I get is that the […]

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To be a winner ... be unselfish | Harvey Mackay

To be a winner … be unselfish

Steve Kerr, head coach of the Golden State Warriors was asked the reason his team defeated LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers for the 2017 NBA championship.  He answered in one word:  “Unselfish.” The NBA Finals were a feast for basketball junkies like me.  The excitement extended far beyond the games themselves.  The players put […]

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Don't give up on your dreams | Harvey Mackay

Don’t give up on your dreams

J.C. Penney, founder of the retail giant that bears his name, once evaluated one of his young clerks, stating he “wasn’t thorough and wouldn’t have much of a future in the retail business.”  The employee?  Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart. Despite Penney’s hopeless prediction, Sam Walton built the largest retail empire in the world.  The […]

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Friendships can lead to good working relationships

Two friends were walking through a dense jungle.  Knowing the dangers, they promised to stick together whatever happened. Suddenly a tiger appeared in the bushes.  One friend immediately turned and ran, climbing up a tree and leaving his companion behind.  He watched as his friend dropped to the ground and played dead. The tiger approached, […]

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More street-smart ideas to try | Harvey Mackay

More street-smart ideas to try

You learn to be book smart in school, but you better not forget that you need to also be street smart.  As I like to say, knowledge does not become power until it is used!  I succeeded because I have street smarts that I either developed or picked up throughout my career from some of […]

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Your business is known by the customers you keep | Harvey

Your business is known by the customers you keep

Few issues baffle me more than the lack of service that businesses think their customers will tolerate.  I just don’t understand how some companies keep their doors open.  On the other hand, I’m sure that some of those businesses can’t figure out why they lose customers. I receive lots of mail from folks who have […]

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The worst failure is the failure to try | Harvey Mackay

The worst failure is the failure to try

Failure can become a weight or it can give you wings. That is the message I hear every spring when I attend the Horatio Alger Awards Ceremony in Washington, D.C., where 10 new members are inducted annually.  I was honored to be one of them in 2004.  During the short speeches given by new members […]

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Optimists see opportunities in challenges | Harvey Mackay

Optimists see opportunities in challenges

Two hikers were camped out overnight in the mountains.  A thunderous voice roused them from their sleep.  The voice said, “This will be the saddest day or the happiest day of your lives,” then instructed them to pack up their belongings, make their way to the river, gather stones in their backpacks that they couldn’t […]

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